MITTA culture matches that of MITSUI

Taku Inoue has been with the company since 2018 and is currently returning to Japan to take on new challenges within MITSUI, MITTA's controlling organization.

"I believe that these times of crisis are a good opportunity to  MITTA to differentiate itself from the competitions, providing better services ”.


Taku Inoue, Manager of Strategic Planning, a few days away from leaving his position to return to MITSUI in Japan, talks about his work and personal experience in Chile and the challenges he envisions for MITTA Rent a Car and Leasing Operativo, a company that MITSUI currently controls.

The 36-year-old executive studied Marketing at Keio University, Japan and came from MITSUI to occupy the position of Strategic Planning Manager at MITTA in 2018. He returns to his country in early November to serve as Deputy General Manager of the department. fleet management. Its function will be to process the investments of the fleet management businesses, such as MITTA, and to look for new investment opportunities.


  1. How has your experience been in this time at MITTA? From the human and the professional?

These almost three years at MITTA have made me grow in every area. This thanks to the collaboration of the people of the company, who have a lot of experience in the vehicle leasing business.


  1. What were your main challenges coming to MITTA?

I came to MITTA without knowing the Chilean culture, nor the car rental business. In addition, at that time MITTA had a challenging project that was the rebranding of the global Hertz, to MITTA itself. I then had the opportunity to participate in the challenge of incorporating the values ​​that MITSUI seeks, which were very much in line with those of Autorentas del Pacífico, MITSUI's current partner in the MITTA property.


  1. How do you see MITTA in reference to the Chilean and Latin American industry?

MITTA is a pioneer and leader in the vehicle leasing industry in Chile. And also, I think it is the most competitive and profitable company in the industry.

In that context, I have been impressed that the people of MITTA are always looking to deliver added value, in order to give the best to customers.

This MITTA culture matches that of Mitsui and the concept of KAIZEN (continuous improvement in Japanese).


  1. What are the challenges facing MITTA, given the international scenarios of the industry, affected by lack of supply and the economic and health crisis?

We are in a very difficult situation and unstable companies can easily fail.

However, I think that for MITTA it is a good opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition by providing better services.

I like a Chinese saying that says: "Strong winds allow us to meet resistant grasses." We are in very strong winds, but I am sure that MITTA will come out of this, more solid and united.


  1. How do you see MITTA in a few years and where should its development point to continue to establish itself as an industry leader?

MITTA has a very clear strategy that was defined in 2018. About 25 initiatives were raised and we are working on them in order to (1) Achieve Rhythmic Growth, (2) Establish Digital Platform and (3) Develop the organization, the people , processes and productivity.


  1. What do you rescue from the Chilean culture in the workplace? and what do you think could be improved?

Rescue of the Chilean culture or that of MITTA, which is the one I know, that people are very responsible for their work and its goals. Also, it seems to me that managers and bosses have strong leadership.

for MITTA it is a good opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition by delivering better services.

That is, currently senior management makes the strategy and orders necessary actions down (= Top down). To which it could be added that collaborators one by one deliver their ideas, suggestions and proposals to senior management based on their experiences and difficulties (= Bottom up), the company would be further improved.


"I will remember my colleagues when I drink Chilean wine"


  1. What advice, if I asked you, would you give to a Japanese colleague who comes to work at MITTA?

I would advise that you learn about processes and jobs through frequent communication with the people in Gemba, which means workplace. The collaborators of Gemba As mechanics in the workshop, they are very familiar with these processes and eventual problems.

On the other hand, I would tell you to remember the concept  Genchi-Genbutsu, what does it mean to visit Gemba and observe what is really going on.


8 What do you miss about Japare you being in Chile?

I miss my family that lives in Japan, since my parents really want to see their grandson who was born here in Chile.

Additionally, I miss authentic Japanese food like traditional sushi, although I also like fusion sushi eaten in Chile.


  1. What will you remember about Chile when you return to Japan?

As my son, Minato Rafael, was born here in Chile, I will remember Chile every time I look at it. There in Japan, the most consumed wine is Chilean, so I will remember my colleagues from MITTA, when I drink it.






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