The benefits that 5G technology will bring to the automotive world

The benefits that 5G technology will bring to the automotive world

The implementation of technology 5G in Chile is imminent, after the opening of the first "5G Zone" of the country, located in the Metropolitan Region between the communes of Las Condes and Providencia.

Likewise, the authorities have advanced that the deployment throughout the country of the fifth generation of mobile networks and electronic devices is expected to begin during the second half of 2021.

The implementation of these advances will benefit different sectors, but undoubtedly one of the most favored and that covers a large part of the population, is the sector of the automobile and public transport.


We present six benefits that 5G technology will bring to the automotive world:

1.- Reduction of accidents

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) assured that with this new technology the risk of accidents can be reduced between 65 and 68%, mainly rear-end crashes, since when the cars are close enough to the point of the collision they will transmit messages warning to cars that are in a nearby radius, so that a chain of communication can be formed that will serve as prevention for all drivers.

This same system will make it possible to warn about other risks on the highways, such as fog or ice.


2.- More autonomous vehicles

Currently the sensor technology in vehicles only covers a range of 300 meters, but with 5G it will be possible to control the information of the entire route, facilitating communication between the cars.


3.- Traffic Light Notices

The traffic lights will be able to communicate to the cars their color in advance and the time until it changes state. This will achieve greater security and a great optimization of consumption.

In addition, the cars will be able to calculate the most suitable speed according to the distance they are from the next traffic light to adopt a more constant rhythm and avoid sudden acceleration and braking.


4.- Time optimization

Time is an increasingly important factor for drivers and passengers, especially because of the time that is currently wasted searching for parking or in tacos. With 5G technology, cars are being created with online connectivity through the cloud that, through an integrated eSIM card, will allow accelerating processes such as searching for parking, because it will be in real time, or knowing the prices of gasoline stations in every moment, to be able to decide in advance which one to go to.


5.- Theft Reduction

Drivers with 5G connectivity will be able to program their vehicle so that it does not operate beyond a geolocated area. In addition, by providing fast data transmission, it will also allow control of the use made of the vehicle when it is shared with other drivers, as well as access to the information of the car in real time.


6.- Self-diagnosis and risk prevention
5G will allow the car to warn of a problem, or even anticipate it. This will not only save time, but also money, for users and insurers.


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